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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  September 23, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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so don't wait... try, compare and buy at today. because there's never been a better time to build the perfect fios bundle. hello everybody. >> we begin tonight with first warning weather coverage. >> heavy rain cripplables parts of maryland once again. take a look. you can see the fast moving water is making roads virtually impassable there. the water rose so quickly this car became almost totally
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immersed. they made a number of swift water rescues. no reported injuries so far. we are track it can heavy rainfall. -- tracking the heavy rainfall. let's go straight to megan. >> >> reporter: the water quickly rose this afternoon. rescue workers spending the night saving people. >> reporter: as the rain poured down a flash flood trapped cars on pulaski highway. a police officer in up to his waste to rescue a stranded driver. >> the water just rushed in. >> trapped under this bridge an hour before. >> the water just came rushing up and came in my truck actually. it was that high. >> reporter: at the intersection the divider in the
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road just disappeared. at least a dozen people pulled from cars and now floating in the middle of the road. the crowd looked on helplessly as the water rose. rescuers nearly needed rescuing with water over the fire truck's headlights. some couldn't see the water until you were already in it. >> you saw it but you didn't know how deep it was. >> reporter: she didn't plan on spending her son's sixth birthday trapped here. >> we have been sitting here eating his candy for about an hour and a half now. >> reporter: as the rain eases up a sign of hope that maybe the worst is over for now. emergency officials are reminding everyone to steer clear of high water both in your car and on foot. wjz eyewitness news. >> thank you. bob is tracking this heavy rain in the weather center. >> finally got rid of the rain
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this evening. it moved off to the east. the only rain is around in philadelphia. earlier tonight look at all of this heavy activity. it is eastern baltimore county. some areas picking up heavy amounts of rain. take a look at the current watches and advisories right now. we don't have any more dealing with flooding thank goodness. we do have a dense fog advisory west of the region. we have seen areas of dense fog. it is probably during the overnight. we had so much moisture skies have cleared a little bit. we are getting heave fog in some areas. look at the rainfall amounts that came in this afternoon. this is from this afternoon. boston almost four and a quarter. bell air almost 3 and a half. downtown a little over 3. many areas from 1 to 3 inches. we are not quite done with this rain yet. how much will we find this
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weekend? i'll have a complete forecast coming up. >> all right. stay with us to find forecast updates. log onto wjz .com. a rally to try to free a cuban man from a prison. he was arrested nearly two years ago. mike is there with friends, family and leaders gathered in washington today. >> reporter: they wanted their message heard around the world. music ] >> supporters urged the castro regime. after losing all appeals for release he is now serving a 15 year sentence for spike on cuba. >> can you tell us what this means for you in this water. all of these people coming out here. if it gives you more faith that
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you will see your husband again? >> it helps me feel that i'm not alone in this. it gives me a lot of support. >> he says he was in cuba to provide internet access to the island's jewish community when he was arrested. >> don't know what point they are trying to make but they should understand the message they are sending to the lest of the world, they fear freedom and they refuse to do the humanitarian thing. >> he has been a personal friend of mine since 1987. >> visiting to cuba by former president carter and richardson. >> his only intention was to help the small jewish communities in cuba, nothing more. >> reporter: he has been in
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this prison for 660 days. wjz eyewitness news. judy gross says she gets letters from her husband and he is overwhelmed by all of the support. they asked the u.n . to recognize them as an independent state. [ chanting ] the meetings were played live on the west bank. those are shoes being hurled at him. they are pushing for state hood over the objections of the u.s. and israel. an original raven, former orlando brown is dead at the age of 40. police tape surrounds the home where orlando brown was found dead. medics were called to the town home just before 11:00 this morning. an out of state caller alerted
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them something might be wrong there. they found brown's lifeless body. >> everybody knows what he meant to this organization and the team and the ravens. he has been coming around a lot. >> they talked about the loss. brown had two stints with the team from 1996 to 1998. he made headlines when he was hit in the eye with a penalty flag and received a sizable settlement. >> he did something great. that is something a lot of people can take from and aspire from and do something themselves. >> brown's signed jersey remains on the wall. >> there is another great law to make me think about losing john mackey and smith and there is another one of our great heros from baltimore that did a lot for our city. >> they say he was a beast on the field and a great friend off of it. it is a shame he had to leave
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us so young. orlando if brown was 40 years old. >> an autopsy will be performed to determine the cause of death. the bids are in. five developers submit bids for slot machine casinos. the rocky gap lodge in allegheny county got three bids. it will take maryland's commission up to a year to review the bids. if you feel like your commute to work is getting longer and longer it is not your imagination. wjz is live. we explain what could be behind the big delays. >> reporter: this study found more marylanders are driving across multiple counties putting commute times abovel .a . and even new york. friday evening commute was a
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mess. it is no surprise to many drivers that maryland now ranks number one for the longest commute nationwide. >> it seems like it is very congested lately. >> the american community survey used 2010 data to determine drivers have an average commute time of 32 minutes and 47% or about 1.4 million drive to another county for work. the maryland department of transportation says the areas proximity to washington is the culprit. >> it is a small state. you pretty much have everybody jumping on the same roads going to the same place at the same time. >> reporter: logged 300,000- miles driving from pennsylvania to baltimore every day. >> this is a radio and my wife. >> reporter: they also say maryland is a pass through state. a lot of commuters are clogging up the roadway going north and south. the red and purple light rail
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lines marked train and highway improvements. all of the traffic has a silver lining. >> with transportation convex it means you have a fairly vibrant economic environment it. >> reporter: it doesn't comfort those that spend at least an hour behind the wheel each day. these commute times don't include mass transit. >> thank you. new york is now in second place in an average commute. it is 33 seconds shorter than maryland's. coming up a shaken mother reunited with her shaken son. >> we really did fear the worst given that he had cut off all contact. >> why they are blaming his disappearance on a football injury. a 6-ton piece of space
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junk, where it could land coming up. when will he finally see the sun. the first forecast is coming up next. mmm... if i were cheese... i wouldn't want to let go of myself either. come try the cheese inspired dishes on our $2, $4, $6, $8 value menu.
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the complete forecast is coming up.
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a daring rescue mission caught on tape. a worker trapped over the side of a cliff in the state park. her friends couldment pull her up from the edge of the cliff. rescue workers dropped down and threw the hiker a rope. she dangled before are rescuers pulled her to safety. >> scalded by hot coffee and tea in a miami starbucks. police say the hot starbucks drink spilled when an adult was attempting to put the child in a highchair seat. it burned her head and upper torso. they say it was an accidental injury. the utah woman who made national news when she went missing in 2009 was secretly video taped by her own father- in-law. they found images of susan powell and other women taken by steven powell.
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he pleaded guilty to child pornography. he is being held on $200,000 bond. they say the arrest is not related to the missing woman's disappearance, only some of the videos are of susan powell. other shots include videos of eight and ten-year-old girls. parents say a con concussion is to blame. he showed up disoriented on the doorstep of a stranger's home. police and his family believe his lack of memory the past few days are because of his injury. >> people think oh, you have a concussion and three weeks, a month later you're fine. all of the documentation is showing that's not true. >> she says her son is in the hospital seeing specialists and getting treatment. police investigating an attack on president obama's campaign office in los angeles. someone shot bb gun pellets
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and threw an object into the office. glass on the front and side of the building was smashed. no other businesses in the area were target -- targeted. some will get to choose their punishment. the town will allow nonviolent offender to pay a fine and attend church every sunday for a year instead of serving time behind bars. they are allowed to pick the place of worship but they must check in with a pastor and police. if it is served successfully it is dismissed. space junk could hit bottom tonight. they are trying to figure out where the dying satellite will land. scientists say it is on a crash course with earth. it probably won't hit the
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united states but scatter debris over a 500-mile area. they are tracking the path and radar stations around the world. it shows it falling in the south pacific but no body knows for sure. >> it is impossible for anyone using any of the resources we have across the globe to accurately predict when it will be. >> most of the satellite will burn up. the heaviest weighs more than 300-pounds. >> most satellites when they come down they are smaller. they burn up and no one knows. this one is a little more significant. >> reporter: they took it out of service in 2005. it is the biggest nasa spacecraft to fall from the sky in 32 years. the odds of it hitting anyone is one in 21 trillion. because water covers most of the earth they expect a crash
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rather than -- splash rather than a crash. in nasa's 50 years of space travel only once has a woman been hit by debris. a woman was bushed on the shoulder by it. >> i wonder if she would call it a brush. >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> there is so much ocean out there. the chances of it coming to maryland are slim at best. we had so much rain this afternoon look at the temperature and the humidity and the dew point. they are all stuck here at 69, 100% humidity. fog is already forming to the west of us. right now cooler and drier out to the west. only 64 in cumberland. fog could be very dense fog forming overnight.
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already had the advisory in effect. it is 69 with a dew point of 69 which means the air is totally saturated. it can't get any -- at this point temperatures can't drop unless some what drier air moves in. upper 60s and a little bit of drier air coming in. the sun came out just as the sun was setting. we had a beautiful rain over the city of baltimore. all of the rain has moved up to the north and northeast. a bit of a dry start. we got the clearing. all of the rain off to the north and east. overnight tonight and during the day tomorrow we have a front out to the west. that means we'll maybe see a little sunshine. by the afternoon look out, more showers likely to develop in the area. real quick it is still heading off to the west and northwest. all of the models heading up to
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bermuda but not getting very strong. this low pressure over the bahamas. way out in the eastern atlantic is another perhaps disturbance that could cop. all of the models way away from the united states. we won't be effected by that. we are going to be effected by warm and humid conditions. you really won't be until tuesday or wednesday before we hit enough dry air to maybe clear things out. look for more showers saturday, sunday monday and maybe tuesday. the bay temp around 68. tonight looks like a lot of fog forming. it is 79, look out for more afternoon or evening showers, maybe a couple of gusty thundershowers in some spots. again on monday 80. it is 78 on tuesday. finally wednesday maybe all sunshine and a few clouds with
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a high of 76. >> all right. thank you. check in with tim williams tomorrow on eyewitness news for the updated first warning weather forecast. and the ravens will wing it west to st. louis tomorrow. we have more on the ,,,,,,,,
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when will they get on the plane? >> they get on the plane tomorrow. they are never finished. >> yes. >> always doing something. every team is that so called work in progress this early in the season. for the ravens it's true for the offensive line where new player and injuries have lead to the extra work. one has been filling in with grubs who has been out with a toe injury. he will be in st. louis on
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sunday. injure rad is ready to go if needed. >> we don't want to make excuses. putting an offensive line together is a difficult thing. communication is really important. you really want to make sure you have things as ready as possible. we had missed assignments. those are issues that come up during the course of the game. we have had a good week of practice with those guys. feel good about it. >> one raven not feeling so good. he has been ruled out. made his first catch as a raven and lost to tennessee on sunday. ravens take on the rams in a couple of days. you can see it right here on wjz. coverage comes your way sunday at 4:00. maryland plays host to templable. coverage from college park coming your way at noon all
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here. a orioles are attempting to get a strong finish to another last place season. taking on the tigers in detroit. they are warming up. cabrera swats this switch from samone. he allowed three runs and eight innings. the birds would take the lead in the fifth. gets his bat out to drop a single to left. this game ends up going to extra innings even at three. in the 11th pitching and martinez ends the winning streak. brings in the game winner. 4-3 tigers. five games to go in the season for the orioles. can't win them all i guess. have a great week. coming up one haunted house has a secret weapon. >> we'll tell you where where you ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it is seven years old and weighs over 300-pounds. it is part of an act in a missouri haunted house. it is nearly 26 feet long and is still growing. officials from the world records are checking her size. she could be the act. >> and don't ,,,,,,
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